Join the elite investors. Minimize risks, maximize gains - unleash the CRYWIN Effect.

Introducing the CRYWIN-Effect: Unlock guaranteed profits when investing in cryptocurrency liquidity pools. Watch your returns soar as the price rises, while enjoying automatic loss mitigation during price drops. Capitalize on the CRYWIN-Effect for maximum gains in your investments!
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CRYWIN Crypto Investment: Your advantages

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Secure & Transparent

View live assets and transactions at any time, also via independent portals.

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Yield Maximized

Careful selection of top performing products. Mitigation of price risk through returns via liquidity mining.

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Deposit & withdrawal possible at any time. No fixed term; credit available daily.

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We build your knowledge while providing you with an extremely customer-focused application.

In only 4 steps to passive income

Whether you’re a crypto veteran or a crypto novice, follow our guide and successfully engage in liquidity mining.
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Register for free

You register quickly and easily with email address and username. There are no hidden fees. In any case, we are at your side and help with any question also individually.

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Get wallet address

You will receive a Bitcoin wallet address to which you will deposit your funds. You will see your deposit immediately upon receipt. Before the deposit, for your protection, we will tell you if we need any other documents.

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Make deposit

After you have generated your Bitcoin wallet address, send your funds to this address. Once the Bitcoin arrives in your wallet, you can instantly set up your Liquidity Pairs and start earning revenue.

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Generate passive income

Once you have chosen your liquidity pool - your rewards will be credited several times a day into your own wallet. With the link to the blockchain, you have absolute control and monitoring of the wealth you have invested and earned.

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Example calculations demonstrating the CRYWIN-Effect

Elevate your returns with the guaranteed advantage of investing in Liquidity Pairs, surpassing the potential gains from solely holding cryptocurrencies. Through illustrative calculations, we demonstrate the substantial increase in actual returns you would have experienced, along with the reduced losses during market downturns. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock greater profitability and enhanced risk management.

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How to earn money with CRYWIN is specially designed for people whose expertise is not in the field of Blockchain or Smart Contracts, but still want to benefit from this market.

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Our Mission

We want to make investing in crypto accessible to everyone through transparency and user orientation.

How can we help you?

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About us
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Crywin is a service platform with a completely new approach to transparency and security! Crywin is for people who want to generate passive income without the risks of trading or mining. We set up the smart contracts for you, with which you can comfortably and effortlessly generate passive income without having to be a crypto professional.

There is no black box with Crywin. All funds and also the smart contracts are displayed via the customers' account and are therefore always checked. This high degree of transparency is standard for us! Thus, Crywin cannot move customer funds without the customer seeing it. That creates full trust!

The minimum age is 18 years. You need an email address.

  • First go to the FAQ's
  • Second go to Info in the back office
  • If your answer is not there contact [email protected]

We do not currently offer this service. Unfortunately, we can currently only accept deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin.

Yes, all tokens are wrapped and can be exchanged to take advantage of price advantages. However, deposits and withdrawals are made with Bitcoin.