(a) InvestorĀ“s Wallet | (b) DeFi-Chain Liquidity Pool | (c) TraderĀ“s Wallet

(1) You as investor put BTC into a Liquidity Pool e.g. DFI-USDT.
(2) Your BTC is converted into a pair of crypto currency e.g. DFI and USDT in a 50/50 ratio.
(3) Post-investment, you own a certain proportion of the total liquidity pool.
(4) A crypto currency trader uses the liquidity pool to swap USDT to DFI.
(5) For the transaction, the exchanger pays a swap fee of e.g. 0.3% of the exchange volume.
(6) The fee is distributed among all investors in proportion to their shares in the total pool volume.

How to Earn Money with CRYWIN
www.crywin.com is a service platform that allows its customers to utilize decentralized finance (DeFi) products, which require a higher level of experience. Our customers can choose a product and independently invest their capital. crywin.com only handles the technical implementation and security for its customers. The customer decides at any time which product, with what projected return and risk, they want to use.

Deposits and withdrawals are made via Bitcoin. crywin.com is specifically designed for people whose expertise does not lie in the field of blockchain and smart contracts but still want to benefit from this market. With this 'Easy2Use' solution, anyone can participate and profit! The returns are displayed as price feeds on crywin.com. Our platform does not have any influence on returns as they are market-dependent; therefore, we cannot promise any specific returns. However, one thing we can guarantee: you will earn cryptocurrencies in any case.

The returns are adjusted based on market conditions every 24 hours. The earnings of crywin.com are limited to a small portion of the customer's profit. 25% of the profits generated by crywin.com are retained, while 75% of the profit is paid out to the customer! There are no fees charged for deposits or withdrawals.

Transparency and security are the key pillars at crywin.com! Transparency is ensured by providing customers with direct links to the blockchain, allowing them to access all their investments at crywin at any time. Radical transparency is our standard; there are no black boxes! Security for our customers is guaranteed by not offering services that would result in placing customer funds in the hands of third parties. Private keys are always securely stored with us. All services provided by crywin.com are performed by ourselves!

Enjoy earning money!

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